Winston Duke ︎︎︎ Motion Designer ︎︎︎ London/UK 
Making Impossible Possible. Being a world class gymnast takes an immense amount of talent and skill, but Courtney Tulloch takes it one step further. Two seemingly impossible moves are named after him, T1 and T2.

As Courtney moves through the air, his body is perceieved to be in an impossible state until it has reached full rotation.

We wanted to capture Tulloch’s unique move sets and translate his visual language into the traditional type, 3D modelling and motion.

Design: Jones Knowles Ritchie, Luke Thompson
Direction: Dan Kennington
Motion: Louise Tattershall, Winston Duke

Featured: Stash, Creative View

Awards: One Show Shortlist, ADC Gold Cube & Brand Disicpline



Winston Duke 2023